Pascal Workflow FAQS

Your Portal Account
Each user has their own login to the portal, including clients who file jointly with their spouse.
Joint filers share a single account, and the system designates one of the filers as the ‘primary’ signer (although we can switch the ‘primary’ signer as needed).
Companies (filing with IRS Forms 1120, 1120s, 1065, or 990 series) have their own account. The owner(s) of the company can access their business portal information and documents by logging in with their personal login.

Acceptable File Extensions
Not all file extensions are readable in Pascal. Readable file extensions include .pdf, .jpeg, .docx, and .xlsx. Although you may be able to upload documents with other file extensions (including .csv, .pages, etc), they will not be readable once they are uploaded to the portal.

Browser Compatibility
Pascal functions best in the Chrome browser. It can have significant problems in the Safari browser, including the inability to sign e-signature documents. If you experience difficulty with basic functionality while using the Pascal portal, please check which browser you are using.

Uploading Documents
There are two ways to upload a document in Pascal: directly to your portal account, and by responding to a ‘request’ (see below).

Downloading Documents
As part of our service, we store digital copies of all your tax-related documents in your portal account, including tax returns, tax documents that you have submitted, and power of attorney forms. You can download these forms at any time through your portal account.

A ‘request’ is a form that allows us to ask specific information of you, including that you upload document(s). You can access all pending and completed requests through your portal account.

Once a request is overdue, the system sends daily automated reminders until the form is either completed by you, or marked as ‘completed’ by us on the back end. Please reach out if you are receiving reminders for an incomplete request, but have already uploaded the requested documents directly to the portal.